How we can help

1. We can help with financial assistance:

For example, we have helped people with:

  • Rent arrears
  • Debts/Bankruptcy
  • Repairs/Heating
  • Nursing Home Fees
  • Funeral Costs
  • Respite Care/Holiday
  • Removals/House Deposit
  • Travel Costs

2. We can help meet your physical needs through modifications to the home or an electrically powered vehicle.

For example, we have helped people to fund:

  • Stair-lifts
  • Riser Chairs/Beds
  • EPVs
  • Showers
  • White Goods/Carpets

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How to apply for assistance

Inglenook Gully Gallipoli, October 29th 1915, 1st8th Bn

Inglenook Gully, Gallipoli, October 29th 1915, 1st8th Bn

The Fund should not normally be approached directly. Like all other military charities access to assistance is via a report from either SSAFA Forces Help or The Royal British Legion.

A caseworker from your chosen organisation will visit you and complete a Form A with details about your connection to the Army, financial situation, your need, and a recommendation for appropriate assistance.

Your caseworker will forward the Form A to the appropriate Regimental Charity, which will take any necessary further action, including applications to other military and civilian charities who might be in a position to help. All help will be collected by the Regimental Charity and forwarded to the organisation which originated the Form A, which will disburse the money on your behalf. Money is not normally given directly to an applicant. In the case of the Royal Hampshire Regiment, this Fund acts on its behalf, drawing help from the Comrades Association of the Royal Hampshire Regiment as required.

Soldiers of the Princess of Wales's Royal Regiment (Queen's and Royal Hampshire) who qualify under Object 1b should apply through SSAFA Forces Help to RHQ PWRR.

Apply for Assistance

Access to assistance from the Hampshire and Isle of Wight Military Aid Fund is via a report from either SSAFA Forces Help or The Royal British Legion.

You can find the contact details for your regional office on their websites. If you are living Hampshire at the moment, use the contact details below:

Hampshire SSAFA

Tel: 02380 704 978


The Royal British Legion
Regional Office Hampshire

Tel: 023 80620900

 Fax: 023 80620900


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Thank you letters

Hello Keith,

Just to let you know that your cheque (£500) arrived safely and lodged with the SSAFA account. A SSAFA cheque for the full amount of £968 has been made payable to the funeral directors and will be delivered to them on Friday. The widow has been informed and is extremely grateful for the collective kindness shown. My heartfelt gratitude for your benevolence to this family.

SSAFA Caseworker Derby City Division

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