Case Studies

Some examples of cases we have helped with in recent years are shown below. These five examples show the range of recipients and the variety of problems faced.

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Help with Funeral Costs

Mr A is a 47 year old former Private who served in the Royal Hampshire Regiment from 1979-80. He has hypertension and type 2 diabetes. The Hampshire & Isle of Wight Military Aid Fund, with ABF help, assisted him a year ago in buying bedding, a cooker and a TV. He has debts of 3000 which he is paying off slowly.

Recently his partner died of cancer leaving him with a 12 year old son and the funeral bill. He lives on benefits but these have been greatly reduced since his partner died as some of them were for her. The cost of the funeral was 2,282. 1302 has been paid from the DWP death grant, but he still owed 980. The Hampshire & Isle of Wight Military Aid Fund has contributed 300 plus 100 from the Comrades Association of the Royal Hampshire Regiment. The ABF granted 500.

A new freezer to improve quality of life and reduce risk

Mrs B is an 85 year old twice widowed lady who lives in France. Her first husband served with the Hampshires from 1930-52. He died in 1982 and she married another former serviceman who served in the Royal Armoured Corps and REME. She is already in receipt of an ABF annuity (780) and is thus well-known to us. She also receives 520 a year from Elizabeth Finn Care. In the past we have helped clear considerable debts incurred on her behalf by her wastrel former son-law.

SSAFA France asked for a grant towards a new deep freezer for her so that she has to make fewer trips up and down the 80 steps to her flat! The Hampshire & Isle of Wight Military Aid Fund contributed 263 plus 100 from the Comrades Association of the Royal Hampshire Regiment.

Electrically Powered Vehicle for a former Private

Mr C is an 89 year old who served with the Hampshire Regiment TA from 1937-39 and then with the RA and RAOC from 1941-46. He played professional football before the war. His wife is in a care home with dementia. He lives alone in a mobile home which he keeps in good order. He is able to manage for himself.

After 89 years his knees are giving him problems and he has been recommended by an OT for an EPV at cost of 1000. This was a Royal British Legion-led case and there were two other possible contributors as well as the Legion. The Hampshire & Isle of Wight fund granted 250. The Royal Logistics Corps Benevolent Fund granted 250. The Legion arranged to pay the balance.

Financial Assistance for a man who couldn't work following surgery

Mr D is 56 year old applicant whom we have helped five times since 1983. He served in the Royal Hampshire Regiment from 1974-82. All previous help has been in connection with arrears of mortgage payments, in connection with his taxi business, or for setting up his house.

Mr D's house has been repossessed since we last helped him in 2005 and he now pays 550 per month rent, but he still has rent arrears of 1500. He has some excuse. In January this year he fell and broke his wrist which required reconstructive surgery. He has not been able to work but hoped to start again in April.

Meanwhile his taxi licence needed renewing (293), his road fund tax needs renewing (85) and he has an outstanding telephone bill (358), total 736. He needs the telephone for his business. He has other debts about which SSAFA would approach the Legion once he has been counselled by the CAB.

The Hampshire & Isle of Wight Fund was able to assist him with a payment of 300 plus 100 from the Comrades Association of the Royal Hampshire Regiment, and the ABF granted 336.

An electric reclining chair for a son with serious health problems

Mrs E is the divorced wife of a former soldier of the Royal Hampshire Regiment. She cares for their son who is disabled since birth with hydrocephalus, cerebral palsy, spinal scolisis and is quadriplegic. She gives him 100 % care. He had major strokes in 1979 and 1980 and in 2008 had all his toes amputated. In 1990 he had had spinal rods and wires fitted to hold his back together and this year suffered a heart attack and meningitis.

Mrs E uses a hoist to lift her son out of bed and into his wheelchair, but he would be much more comfortable in an electric reclining chair. Not surprisingly, she suffers from high blood pressure and is diabetic. She had a stroke in 2006 and a heart attack in 2008. In spite of all this they both remain cheerful.

The reclining chair has been recommended by the doctor and will cost 995. The Hampshire & Isle of Wight fund has been able to assist Mrs E with a payment of 300 plus 100 from the Comrades Association of the Royal Hampshire Regiment. The Legion provided the balance.

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Letters of Thanks

Dear Lt Col Bryan,

On behalf of my clients, Mr. & Mrs. X, I would like to offer my sincere gratitude for the benevolence you have shown them. The 410 will make a world of difference to the quality of life for Mr. X, in what are, in effect, his last weeks and months.

When Mr. X does pass on, I will, as per your letter, contact you again.

Kindest Regards,

SSAFA caseworker

Hello Keith,

Just to let you know that your cheque (£500) arrived safely and lodged with the SSAFA account. A SSAFA cheque for the full amount of £968 has been made payable to the funeral directors and will be delivered to them on Friday. The widow has been informed and is extremely grateful for the collective kindness shown. My heartfelt gratitude for your benevolence to this family.

SSAFA Caseworker Derby City Division

Dear Keith,

Many thanks for the very generous donation which will enable our client to considerably reduce his rent arrears. I am in the process of talking to the Royal British Legion to see if they will be able to contribute.

SSAFA Caseworker Wiltshire

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